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Pasta Combo

Cannelloni and manicotti in tomato
sauce with a side of lasagna

Meatball Melt

Our famous meatball layered
in pasta and mushrooms, topped
with melted cheese


Rolled pasta filled with herbs and ricotta cheese in tomato sauce, topped with melted cheese.


Rolled pasta filled with diced beef in tomato sauce topped with melted cheese.

Spaghetti Carbonnara

Ham, turkey, egg, bacon, parmesan cheese
and black olives


Meat filled and topped with meat or tomato sauce

Pasta with Sauce

Your choice of pasta covered in meat or tomato sauce

Meatball, Sauteed Onions or Mushooms, Cheese, Italian Sausage, Garlic Bread , Chicken Breast, Alfredo Sauce, Ravioli, Meat Sauce


Homemade and smothered in cheese

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini in a parmesan cream sauce |
With Chicken

Pasta with a Meatball

Your choice of pasta with our famous meatball covered in meat or tomato sauce

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